Top 5 Ways to Reuse or Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Written by Emily


So, the time has come to strip your festive fir of its decorations. But what should you do with your old Christmas Tree?

Instead of simply throwing your tree away there are loads of inventive ways to reuse and recycle your tree to be more environmentally friendly. Fear not, we have got you covered with our top 5 ways to reuse or recycle your Christmas Tree.


One of the most obvious ways to make use of your old Christmas Tree is to use it as firewood! It can be thrown on the fireplace, in the wood burner, or on the BBQ. Once you have burned the wood, you can even use the ash to spread around your garden - the lime and potassium will work wonders for your grass and plants!

Get crafty

If you are a bit crafty, you can use your old fir in a variety of interesting ways. Chop the trunk into inch-wide sections to create lovely mug coasters. Strip the branches and use these to edge your garden. Or simply use the branches around your home for decoration.

Bird sanctuary

If you have a garden, you can give your tree a new life outside. Attach a few bird feeders and over time this will turn into a glorious bird sanctuary that provides protection for our little flying friends during winter.

Protect your plants

During the colder months, plants can really struggle due to the frost. By chopping off the sturdier branches from your tree and carefully laying them on your plants, you can help insulate them to stay healthy during the colder months.

Air fresheners

Strip the needles from your Christmas Tree to keep your house smelling lovely all year long! Simply take the needles and put them inside material pouches, then locate them around your house to keep that beautiful pine smell a permanent feature of your home.