Why a Natural Christmas Tree is Better for the Environment

Written by Emily


Protecting our planet from climate change is more important than ever, and there are lots of reasons why a natural Christmas Tree is better for the environment.

Some people mistakenly believe artificial Christmas Trees might be better as you can reuse them, and you aren’t cutting down trees. However, in spite of this, natural Christmas Trees are still better for the environment.

Natural vs Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are made from plastic and creating them produces a large amount of greenhouse gas. On top of this, they are more likely to be transported over larger distances than natural Christmas trees, which results in even more carbon emissions.

But what if I reuse my artificial tree? We hear you ask. Sadly, even if you have your artificial tree for dozens of Christmases, it is still going to have a negative environmental impact when the time comes to get rid of it. This is because most artificial Christmas trees are made with a plastic called PVC which is practically impossible to recycle.

A 6ft 5 artificial tree has a carbon footprint that is at least double that of a natural tree. If you choose to dispose of your natural tree by burning it instead of sending it to a landfill, then the footprint is ten times less than an artificial Christmas tree!

Due to the popularity of Christmas Trees, farmers are planting trees that wouldn’t otherwise be growing. Christmas Trees need to grow for 8-12 years before being ready. So, this whole time they are providing oxygen and reducing CO2, which helps slow climate change.

How to Make Sure Your Christmas Tree is as Environmentally Friendly as Possible


Recycling your natural tree, or planting it in the garden, can even have negative emissions! If planting it isn’t an option, there are tonnes of great places to recycle your Christmas tree in Cheshire.

Buy your Christmas Tree locally

That way it will have travelled a much shorter distance - reducing the transport emissions. Here at Nordmann’s, we have loads of great natural trees to choose from. All our Christmas trees are sustainably grown on local family-owned farms. We personally hand-pick each tree and deliver them throughout the Cheshire area.