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The Nordmann Fir is the UK’s most popular Christmas Tree. It has excellent needle retention and is well known for it's dark green colour, fresh pine scent, and strong, firm branches that can support heavier ornaments and baubles. The Nordmann’s soft needles make it the perfect Christmas Tree for families with young children and pets. Our premium Nordmann Firs are bushier and more conical than our regular ones, making them the perfect Christmas tree for every home this festive season.

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Sustainably sourced
Sourced from local farms, and only cut to order
Free local delivery
Free home delivery in East Cheshire


  • This premium, all-natural tree features layers of lush green needles that are longer on the lower branches. Unlike lesser firs, Nordmann fir trees are pruned to maintain their Christmas-tree shape. Ideal for people who don't have a lot of room, Nordmann fir is also more fragrant than other firs.
  • In 1938, Alexander von Nordmann discovered the Nordmann Fir on an expedition in the Caucasus (between Black Sea and the Caspian Sea). When he caught sight of the most beautiful tree he'd ever seen, and realising he'd never seen anything quite like it before, he vowed to return again, with better tools, so take samples home with him.
  • The Nordmann Fir tree is a beautiful tree with a deep tap root and soft bushy branches, and takes ten years to grow to 6ft tall.
  • The Nordmann's needles are soft to touch, which makes them ideal for households with pets or small children. It is almost scentless, thus very suitable for the more sensitive households.

Delivery & Care

  • The Nordmann is the longest lasting of all Christmas Trees, so you can put your decorations up as early as you like. Water your tree regularly and position it away from heat sources like radiators to optimise it's lifespan.
  • We hand-select your tree from one of our specialist farms in Cheshire as close to your delivery date as possible to maximise freshness.
  • We pack trees the working day before your delivery date, to reduce time in transit. We deliver trees personally, to ensure your tree arrives safely and in excellent condition.