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Photo of a Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

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Fraser Firs are the perfect Christmas tree for smaller spaces. This slim variety may take a little longer to decorate, but it's worth the effort: its excellent needle-holding abilities make for a long and rewarding season. And, don't let its size fool you: this pollinator-friendly tree has a big aroma that says, “Merry Christmas!”

Our Policies

Sustainably sourced
Sourced from local farms, and only cut to order
Free local delivery
Free home delivery in East Cheshire


  • The Fraser Fir is a relative newcomer to the UK, but is long known as the White House Christmas Tree and the National Christmas Tree of Canada
  • Originally native to the Appalachian mountains of southeastern United States, the Fraser Fir is now grown across the UK.
  • This variety has a typical pyramid shape with upward-pointing needles and strong branches and a warm, citrusy, and woodsy fragrance.

Delivery & Care

  • The needles will stay green and full through Christmas, if watered once a week to keep it healthy. Best positioned away from heat sources like radiators.
  • We hand-select your tree from one of our specialist farms in Cheshire as close to your delivery date as possible to maximise freshness.
  • We pack trees the working day before your delivery date, to reduce time in transit. We deliver trees personally, to ensure your tree arrives safely and in excellent condition.