The Differences Between Christmas Trees: How to Pick the Perfect Tree

Written by Emily


When it comes to selecting the perfect Christmas Tree it can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when there are so many different options out there.

But fear not, below are the main things to take into account when deciding which one of our fantastic Christmas Trees you should pick this year!

Deluxe Nordmann Fir

This extremely bushy, conical fir is the perfect fit for those with little ones or pets as the needles are extremely soft - which means no splinter incidents! Not only are the needles soft, but this tree also offers excellent needle retention - so there will be no need to take the vacuum out every other day. When it comes to decorating, the Nordmass Deluxe is also a front runner as it has extremely strong branches that can handle even the heaviest of tree baubles.

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann fir is the UK’s most popular Christmas Tree - and you can see why when you consider its soft needles, amazing needle retention, and super strong branches. Another key thing to consider with the Nordmann Fir is the almost scentless aroma which makes it ideal for more sensitive households. This beautiful fir was discovered by Alexander von Nordmann who described it as the most beautiful tree he had ever seen- and we have to agree!

Fraser Fir

If you are looking for a tree that is perfect for smaller, more humble homes, then look no further than the Fraser Fir. This classical pyramid-shaped tree is a bit on the skinny side so it can easily meet your needs if space is a little bit tight. But, do not be fooled by its slim appearance, this fir really packs an aromatic punch and will give your whole house a fantastically festive smell! When you add this alongside its amazing needle retention - you can see why this fir is the National Christmas Tree of Canada.